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KIPP Raíces Student Council Spreads the Love

Posted by KIPP LA on Feb 16, 2018 6:57:33 PM

Twelve students from the KIPP Raices Academy student council volunteered at the Eastmont Community Center this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Students ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade recited an original poem, passed out student-made Valentines, and read to the senior residents of the center. Read on for heartfelt student responses regarding the event and check out the video for some adorable footage of the KIPP volunteers.

Nevaeh, a fourth-grade student at KIPP Raíces, explains that she wanted to join student council because she likes "helping people all around the world. I don't like to see them poor and without food because that makes me really sad, so I really want to help them get back on their feet." 

She adds that this Valentine's Day event is very special because "some seniors don't get to see their children a lot so we are here as the kids to make memories and give them a bright Valentine's Day. It really makes my heart cry a lot because I really like helping people."

Nevaeh's classmate, Melanie, likes that the entire school was able to participate by creating Valentine's Day cards because it's "really nice to see a lot of people help other people and make the community feel loved."

The best part of the event for Kiki, a third grader at KIPP Raíces, was the ability to "see the joy in their faces." 

Much gratitude to our future leaders for showing KIPP values of love, honor, and optimism!


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