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KIPP SoCal on Collaboration in Special Education

Posted by KIPP SoCal on Jan 18, 2020 7:41:47 PM

This month, we sat down with Maria Ana Rodriguez, a third year Resource Specialist Teacher at KIPP Iluminar Academy, and extraordinary human, to explore her belief in the importance of collaboration in the special education arena.

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KIPPSoCal on Special Education

Posted by Shelby Junewicz on Dec 5, 2019 5:46:56 PM

Shelby Junewicz, KIPP Adelante Special Education Manager, and empath extraordinaire, on how we see, develop and inspire the greatest potential in each KIPPster through our Special Education focus at KIPP SoCal.

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Topics: special education, charter schools, sped, kipp socal, behavior therapist, special education teacher, special needs, inclusion, general education teacher

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